New release being prepared, 0.7.2

I’m getting ready to upload a new version of farnsworth, 0.7.2 to CPAN, it contains a fix in the parser for equations like 2a**2 correctly parsing as 2 * (a ** 2) and more like it. This fixes the last known issue with the parser and makes me very happy. I’ll be working on 0.7.3 after exams and it should contain mostly only documenation updates and fixes. (there is also experimental support for a new lambda syntax in the same vein as ruby, e.g. {|x| x**2}, i don’t know if it’ll stay or not but it’d be nice to get the backticks back for other uses.) EDIT: apparently i missed something when adding the alternate syntax lambda support, so its not correctly in there and doesn’t work, i did say it was experimental didn’t i?

Published: April 26 2010

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