Error messages and the values of functions.

I’ve spent a good deal of time recently getting rid of all the calls to die and friends in the code and switching them to the error reporting module i’ve made so that i can start adding exceptions and a proper return\[\] to the language. I’ve also finally cleaned up the massively strange looking error when you try to convert between incompatible units, Conformance error, left side has different units than right side $VAR1 = bless( \[ 'kg' \], 'Fetch' ); that didn’t even tell you about both sides to one that’s much more readable and understandable Conformance error, can't convert from length to mass.

I still have one more error message that i know of that is incredibly obtuse and that will come next. Now that i’ve switched away from using die directly i can start making an error object that i pass around instead so that i can differentiate between an error and a return value. I needed this because i need to use die in perl to smash the stack and go back to the point where the function or lambda was called. This is all because currently I’m using a recursive descent pattern to evaluate the AST from the parser (I’m not doing any processing on the AST for optimization or even to order operations directly so that i can avoid deep recursion, it is a design flaw but it makes hacking on it SO easy.) After i finish this error code stuff i’m going to begin working on the rest of the stuff needed for merging the lambda code and function code which amounts to creating an operator (currently thinking of using ~) to get a reference to a function and then moving to the new syntax, defun foo={`bar` bar ** 2}; I’ll keep the old style syntax around for some time though.

Published: July 25 2010

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