Intentionally Unsupported

The following feature is intentionally unsupported since it has come into being while being considered depreciated until a more permanent and logical system can be created.

To go along with all the other changes I’ve made I have added in a new operator that lets you get at the actual value for a function so that you can do some rather nifty things with it


And what you’ll get is something like

{`arr byref isa \[\] , x isa ...` arr = arr + x; }

While this might seem a little pointless at first it’ll let you do things like alias one function to another without having to create a new stack frame and function to accomplish it.

defun foo={`x` x * x};
defun bar=?

Now that too seems a little pointless since you could just define both of them to be the same to begin with, BUT when you’ve got a large function that you don’t want to have to copy and paste to multiple places it ends up very nice since you can have the interpreter do it for you. Now the really nifty part is that you can redefine an existing function while keeping around a copy of the original so that you can call back to it. This lets you create an automatically memoized version of an arbitrary function (assuming you know the inputs) and other really nifty and nasty things. I’m going to write a quick and dirty little memoization system in a bit to demonstrate this.

Published: August 07 2010

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