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I’ve finally gotten all the work done on merging the lambda and function code. This resulted in a slight API change that nobody cared about because there isn’t anyone else out there doing anything with this. The new syntax looks like this:

defun function=lambda

What this means is that you can define a function by creating ANY expression that evaluates out to a lambda and assign it to the function. So you can do something like this:

defun count={`` var count=0; {`` ++count}} \[\];

Then when you use the function count[] it’ll increment the variable every single time and return the value. This makes for a slightly nicer looking way to make static values between function calls since before you’d have to do something like:

{``  var count=0; count{} := {++count}} \[\];

Which can start getting rather nasty looking to work with and debug when you start to have large functions or large amounts of static variables (Though when you have multiple functions sharing the same variables you can still use this form).

Published: August 07 2010

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