Version 0.7.6 released

This version brings very few changes from the 0.7.5 release (that i forgot to announce). Most notably is that the tests are fixed, I SWEAR they worked here! Along with that I made the date parsing stuff save time zones when given rather than converting everything to UTC by default, this means when you tell it #2010-03-14 1:59:26am EST5EDT# it’ll keep it in the EST5EDT timezone for you. I also removed a single reference to Date::Manip which hasn’t been strictly needed for some time and I just kept missing the reference.

The 0.7.5 release brought the new function syntax and the depreciated & operator.

This release is because I’m planning on doing something special for the 2 year anniversary of the project next Saturday, keep an eye out!

Published: September 03 2010

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