Has it been that long already?

As of today, it’s been two years since the first commit I made to start this project. It started out as an open source clone of another program so that people (mostly me) could use it for doing some math on IRC and have all kinds of fun figuring out how many farts it would take to power a laptop. Since then the project has grown wildly out of control and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s still not even close to anything that I’d call stable or ready for production BUT it’s getting there. With this project I’ve learned a considerable amount about creating a testing suite. I’ve also had to do a number of redesigns because what I had made wasn’t quite as flexible as I later needed it to be.

I’ve got a number of plans for the future and some of them can be seen on the Todo page, but there’s one big one that isn’t on there. I am planning on writing a compiler for the Parrot VM and I’m intending to have that as the canonical version of the language once I’ve finished defining most of the features inside the Perl modules.

I’d like to thank all of you that visit, (not counting spammers that appears to be about 3 of you, maybe); and please register and leave a comment if you’re out there.

Published: September 11 2010

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