Just a quiet place for me to post news and things related to the slowly up and coming Farnsworth programming language, along with some minor personal things. A bit about the language: I’ve been trying to design it to be as close to an ideal language for Applied Mathematics (I’ve been giving theoretical stuff some thought but I’m not sure how to accommodate it just yet) and Physics. Because of this it’s been taking more of a functional design but not to the point where it ends up difficult to write any kind of general program in. It originally started as an open source clone of the Frink language/system but I’ve since decided that I didn’t like its grammar (there’s a few things in it that make it difficult if not impossible to parse with a yacc like parser); So I’ve been starting to take it into my own direction. There is an evaluator on the website but please be gentle on it since it runs it all on a VM at my house and the interpreter does have some issues with recursion (memory profile grows very fast). On the back end it uses PARI/GP to do the actual calculations so it can get higher precision floating point math along with complex math, etc.