Things to do before modules

  • Finish the rewrite of the output system
    • Add ability to control precision of calculations
    • Add significant digit support
  • Use the rewrites of the output system to create a graph of the interpreter state
  • Write something to serialize said graph into a freezable/thawable structure.

Things to do After modules

  • Add proper Object Oriented stuff
    • Magic Value Library
    • IO Library
    • Socket Library
    • Graphing Library
      • Two versions
        • one that sends the graph off to a “server” to render them
        • one that renders it in a blocking manner
  • Basic Mathematics
    • Algebra functions
      • Roots of polynomials
      • Function/Lambda manipulation
        • Inversions of single dependent variable functions
        • Solving multivariable dependent functions for a single argument
        • Compositing functions in a “permanent” manner (this one will be difficult for some functions)
    • Calculus functions
      • Derivatives
        • Min-Max of functions
        • Concavity tests
      • Integrals

Things to Steal


  • List Comprehensions